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2019 CWD 2Gs Mademoiselle 17” 2L


This gorgeous CWD 2Gs Mademoiselle is the ultimate in technology, function, and luxury. Specially designed for a woman’s morphology for improved performance and comfort. The Mademoiselle, or “Miss,” features a slimmer design with a more narrow twist that the standard 2Gs model. This 2019 model comes with CWD’s injected carbon kevlar Dynamick® tree. Pretty, pearl white piping creates subtle and classy distinctions, perfect for all rings! A lovely saddle!


Year: 2019

Brand: CWD

Model: 2Gs Mademoiselle

Seat: S1 measuring 17”

Flap: 2L flap (standard length and not forward) measuring just under 14” from the top of the stirrup bar, down, and 13” across

Tree: Standard flex tree, medium fit

Panels: This saddle has fairly basic panels, with just a small amount of extra foam added under the seat. This saddle is sculpted at the shoulder.

Leather: Full calfskin

Condition: Good. This saddle has a very small area of damage to the lower part of the flap reinforcement. Please see photos. There is also a very shallow and skinny scratch across the seat, a second small scratch on the seat, and some mild wear on the flaps, and a small scratch on the cantle. Priced accordingly!

Comes with a CWD saddle cover, and a pair of stirrup leathers (brand unknown)

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2019 CWD SE32 2Gs Mademoiselle, 17" 2L, Full Calfskin, #1970449

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